Marketing Books You Should Read In 2021

Marketing books you should read in 2021

Many marketers say traditional marketing and PR are fading into the background. All channels boil down to one thing – content marketing. But market behavior is changing rapidly, so it’s hard to imagine what will be relevant in a year or two.

Love for customers, the ability to analyze data and good intuition remain unchanged values ​​from the inception of marketing to the present day. In this article, we have collected fundamental books on marketing that will be relevant regardless of changing trends and market behavior.

1. “Hacking Marketing. The Science of Why We Buy”, Phil Barden

A short, memorable book on marketing that is essential for marketers and entrepreneurs of all levels. Psychologist Daniel Kahneman received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2002 for explaining the processes that occur at the psychological level at the time of making economic decisions.

In his book Marketer for Unilever, Diageo and T-Mobile, Phil Barden has collected the main ideas of Daniel Kahneman. He clearly outlined with vivid examples how a person makes a choice, what influences this choice, what he thinks about when making a purchase decision. If we compare tips from the book to reality, we will see that Twitch is a perfect example of hacking marketing. Platform was created with one purpose and now they are reaching billion dollar space. Twitch streamers are now regarded as one of the best investment targets, so the trend will grow eventually.

2. “Purple cow. Make your business stand out!”,

Author – Seth Godin

The book conveys the idea that traditional advertising is no longer working. The author encourages you to stand out, create unique products. This is especially true now during the “banner blindness”.

Distinguishing product characteristics from competitors and industry leaders, continuous product analysis and improvement based on customer preferences, and the ability to take risks and excel are the main ideas of the book.

Goldin also notes that engaging with a generation of innovators and early adopters will help communicate the product to a wider audience.

3. “Customers for Life”

Author – Carl Sewell, Paul Brown

Paul Brown has been in business since the 60s. He built the largest auto dealer network. A business should always focus on long-term customer relationships. To achieve this, the author advises to respect the client and be friends with him. For example, in one of the chapters, the reader learns the rule of Paul Brown’s company: do not take money for what is help. If you would not take money from a friend for such help, you should do the same with the client.

From the book, you will glean many ideas for a customer retention business, for building long-term trusting relationships. “Do what you promised and do it the first time” is the key message that the authors broadcast.

4. “Hug your customers. Practicing Outstanding Service”,

Author – Jack Mitchell

The main idea of ​​the book: to be customer-oriented is to be successful. The authors of the previous book are ready to “do everything” for the client. Jack Mitchell talks about his caring and loving attitude towards clients. Self-sacrifice is less pronounced here.

5. “Infectious: The Psychology of Word-of-mouth. How products and ideas become popular ”,

Author – Jonah Berger

Much attention in the book is given to the fact that designers should focus on the needs of users. If the product is pleasant to work with, it is not annoying and solves the user’s problems, then the designer did his job excellently.

A book on how to design digital product interactions. It contains practical tools for interaction design.


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