Today, we will be discussing about Net Worth. is the Stage name for Lawal Raheem who is a young talented Nigerian singer that grew up in Ajegunle part of Lagos.

The Young Singer got his first official signing into YBNL record label in 2018.

Lyta Biography

Who Is Lyta?

Born as Lawal Raheem, YBNL Lyta was a native of Kwara State, the Western area of Nigeria 4th July 1998.

He is a Nigerian artist and lyricist, and goes with the stage name, LYTA (articulates L-Y-T-A). He was born and raised in the Ajegunle part of Lagos State, Nigeria and has been doing music by his early age of 13.

Lyta Net Worth

Lyta Net Worth In 2022

Lyta is estimated to have a Net Worth Of $100,000 which is approximately about 39 Million Naira.
Before JessyNaija will be bringing out more highlights on Lyta, let us quickly clear your mind on Lyta’s Profile below.

Net Worth: $100,000

Name:  Lawal Raheem

Career:  Singer, Songwriter

Source of Wealth: Music

Date Of Birth : July 4, 1998

Age:  22

State of Origin: Kwara State

Latest Update: March 2022

Record Label: DMW


Lyta’s Music Career

Lyta was first found by Olamide, the YBNL supervisor in an open event where he got energized by his rapping capacities.

He considered him before a crowd of people that day for specific freestyles and he was even energized the more.

Badoo, got him set apart into his record name on the fifteenth of February, 2018.

He went to the energy spotlight consequent to incorporating Olamide in a tune, ‘Time’ which was another radiant piece of work.

On 24th of May 2019, the reports on Lyta’s exit from YBNL broke out. As demonstrated by Olamide the YBNL supervisor, Lyta wasn’t content with the mark’s timetable and music discharge design.

In 2018, YBNL focused more on Lyta’s music and decided to propel Fireboy’s music in 2019.

This went ineffectively with Lyta and he uncovered to Olamide that another name was excited about marking him, which as showed by Olamide, was a falsehood.

Olamide in any case gave his blessings to Lyta and wished him well in the new name.

We should keep tuned as more news on the new name and Lyta’s new hits spread out!

From the web : Lyta says he was never signed to Olamide’s YBNL [Video] –  –

Lyta Songs

Lyta has released several number of songs some of which were Freestyles and many others official.
See them below.
  1. Lyta Hold Me Down
  2. If It’s Only Me (2005)
  3. J’avance (2010)
  4. Tomber Love (2012)
  5. Honey (2015)
  6. Are You Ready (2016)
  7. Time (2018)
  8. Cherry Eyes (2018)
  9. No More Ghost (2018)
  10. Unread (2018)
  11. Poison (2018)
  12. SelfMade (2018)
  13. Save Me (2018)
  14. Pure Water (2019)
  15. Lowo ft Wale Turner (2019)
  16. Monalisa (2019)

Lyta Social Profiles

You can follow him up on social media below.

  • Twitter – official_lyta
  • Instagram – Official_lyta


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