Singer Ric Hassani, who was involved in an car accident on Wednesday, is doing fine, and is recuperating.
The singer, was involved in an accident on his way home from a performance when a driver ran into him.
The singer took to Instagram to write;
 Thankful that I am still here. I am a very private person as most of you would know. I didn’t want to have to talk about this to the public but as the news has now somehow come out, for the respect i have for those who support me i would have to myself speak about it.
Three days ago on my way driving home from an event, I had an accident that could have taken my life but thankfully, God spared me to make me realize that He still needs me to be here.
Thank you for your prayers, I’d be honest and say it hasn’t been easy as I am still recovering, but God willing I’d be back up and running in no time. Thank you for your prayers, I still need them. God Bless you. Thank you. (This photo was taken by @mayorotu from an event a week ago.)
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